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(Last Updated On: April 22, 2019)
DreamHost Hosting Reviews

One of the largest and well-established web hosting companies, DreamHost is an independent, employee-owned platform which serves over 400,000 customers and 1.5 million websites. But is it the best fit for everyone? Let’s find out through this DreamHost hosting review.

Pros of DreamHost:

Here are the positive sides of DreamHost:

1. 23 times faster Load Time than the competitors:

With data compared in Hostingfacts, it was visible that throughout eight months, the load time of DreamHost varied on or around 709 ms, whereas in case of similar other web hosting platforms it was more or less 890 ms.

Last 10 month average load time:

  • January 2018 average load speed: 778ms
  • February 2018 average load speed: 809ms
  • March 2018 average load speed: 817ms
  • April 2018 average load speed: 678ms
  • May 2018 average load speed: 598ms
  • June 2018 average load speed: 562ms
  • July 2018 average load speed: 733ms
  • August 2018 average load speed: 658ms
  • September 2018 average load speed: 688ms
  • October 2018 average load speed: 723ms

2. Expert Support Agent:

DreamHost has a live chat virtual support agent that provides 24/7 services with a detailed response to questions asked. There is also a live chat facility in the account area for the customers. It has a very knowledgeable support staff with different forums and user guides.


3. Generous money-back Guarantee:

One of the key selling points of DreamHost has to be its stellar 97-day money back guarantee trial period. That’s a lot of time. Compared to their monthly pricing and packaging plans, it is almost as if you are giving no money here. It even allows you to give its whole control panel a try without committing yourself to it. But this only applies to the shared hosting accounts paid for by a credit card.

4. Free Days for Downtime:

One day of credit for one hour of downtime. This simple calculation makes it easier for them to maintain their uptime across all hosting packages. But you’ll only avail this “free day” service if:

-the DreamObjects service does not respond

-there is a server error response for 1 minute of requests straight.

Last 10 month average up time:

  • January 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • February 2018 average uptime: 99.85%
  • March 2018 average uptime: 99.94%
  • April 2018 average uptime: 99.75%
  • May 2018 average uptime: 99.96%
  • June 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • July 2018 average uptime: 99.99%
  • August 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • September 2018 average uptime: 99.96%
  • October 2018 average uptime: 99.94%

5. Renewed Plans and Pricing

Previously, DreamHost was expensive. Due to many tiered plans that it gradually developed, it considerably dropped the price. The most basic hosting for simple websites cost less than 3 dollars per month. Compared to the others, you’re getting a great deal here.

6. Unlimited Bandwidth:

All companies say that they will provide unlimited hosting, but that doesn’t always hold true. DreamHost offers this and unlimited data transfer, but it is rarely used, except for file uploads, backup, archive, sharing, mirroring, making resources available to the public, etc.

7. Green Hosting:

Becoming a best-in-class web host requires a lot of resources. The electricity bill alone should be skyrocketing. But by purchasing carbon offsets, DreamHost tries to neutralize their carbon footprint. One of the examples has been their neutralization of 29298.1 tons of greenhouse gases.

8. An array of Hosting Services:

This benefit should have come earlier, but better late than never. So, either you have a growing hosting need or need a specialized hosting, DreamHost offers it all. Based on traffic levels and pricing, people usually go for the common shared server. However, if your expectations exceed the reality in a good way,  you can expand with a known company with which you have some prior experience.

It also offers WordPress specific features. For developing websites, it provides traditional upgrades to Dedicated servers and VPS. For app developers, it provides cloud hosting services.

9. DreamHost Control Panel:

DreamHost has its own panel; it doesn’t allow third-party panels to trespass. It will enable you to control your customized panel and is the reason why the users love it. But by not “allowing the third party to trespass,” I don’t mean you can’t export to or import from third-party panels. To transfer data, you will have to migrate it manually; and to import data you have to rewrite the email addresses, download via IMAP and drag and drop to the Dream Host mailbox. It might take time but leaves no room for unnecessary intervention.

DreamHost Control Panel

Cons of DreamHost:

Here are the problems with DreamHost:

  • You cannot contact DreamHost unless they choose to call back. There is no phone call service despite having a tremendous support staff.
  • The uptime isn’t always 100%. It drops to as much as 99.85%
  • Users accustomed to third-party control panels will not like the absence of these replaced by an in-house panel.
  • Set-up takes time.
  • DreamHost has a custom application that links to only a few apps. On top of that, such apps need to be installed manually.

DreamHost Hosting Plans:

Now that we know the positive and negative reviews on DreamHost hosting services, let us look at its plans:

1. Shared Plans:

The Shared Starter Plan is great for small websites and is an excellent place to start. You can host one site without commitments, have pre-installed WordPress, fast SSD Storage, Free SSL certificate and much more at $4.95/mo. Again the Shared Unlimited Plan is excellent if you have more than one website. Other than the benefits mentioned above, you will have unlimited traffic and unlimited email@ your domain.

DreamHost Shared Hosting Advaneced Features

2. VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Servers Hosting includes variations in it. You can have the VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional and VPS Enterprise in it. You can range from hosting small, new websites at $13.75/mo with unlimited traffic, unlimited websites, 1 GB Ram, 30 GB SSD, free SSL and unlimited emails (VPS Basic) to hosting resource intensive sites with 8 GB Ram, 240 GB SSD and other same benefits at $110/mo (VPS Enterprise).

DreamHost VPS Hosting Plan
DreamHost VPS Hosting Features
DreamHost VPS Hosting Advence Features

3. Dedicated Hosting:

This service allows your site to run uninterruptedly and reliably. It is perfect for large e-commerce websites to ensure that your site can operate past the traffic to keep the sales coming. Also, if you have high profile customers, this is perfect for you. It also comes with DDoS Protection, SSH, 24*7 monitoring and some great benefits at $169/mo.

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Features
DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Features

4. Cloud Hosting:

If you want to launch cloud servers under 30 seconds, you’re in the right place. It includes DreamCompute and DreamObjects. The DreamCompute is speedy due to excellent-quality, first generation processors and networks; helps to change parts of your server as you like it; no limit on the OS software, etc. The DreamObjects, on the other hand, is built on Ceph; is ideal for developers, has secure cloud backups and WordPress site backups.

DreamHost Cloud Hosting
DreamHost Cloud Hosting

5. WordPress Hosting

As a newbie, Shared Hosting For WordPress is the most affordable way to have all the basic for your WordPress websites. Loving to know that, it stars at $2.59/mo. That’s a reasonable price you are ready to spend! To have extreme cloud performance with extra security and less hassle, you should move on to Managed WordPress with more money to spend! And more websites you have, then here is a smart solution for you! That is the VPS For WordPress! This VPS provides a chance to host  5 websites at one platform with isolated resources and backend control.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

Do we recommend DreamHost?

It depends on what you are up to. With so many pros, award-winning support staffs and some unmatched exceptionalities, you can give it a try. It is excellent for someone who is just starting.

Dreamhost Hosting Review


Whether you wish or not to take it in the future can be decided after you have started working with it. I would suggest you compare other hosts to find out which suits you best. Hope this DreamHost hosting review article was helpful for you!

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