TMDHosting Review

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2019)
TMDHosting Review

As many might say, TMDHosting is very underrated when it comes to performance and popularity. It started 12 years ago as an “Open Source web hosting provider,” and till date, it hosts as much as 3 million sites, backed by dedicated administrators, friendly reps and knowledgeable client support. Let’s dig into this TMDHosting review to find out more.
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Why You Should Consider To Host

1. Great Performance

Considering their service response time, TMDHosting is excellent. From the speed test result of January 2019, we saw that in the Asian countries it was under 100 ms, while in the North American-European countries it was below 400 ms. Again, the uptime score in this period was 100%, with no downtime whatsoever.

TMDHosting Speed Test
TMDHosting Uptime

2. User-friendly Interface

After restructuring it’s Portal Dashboard, TMDHosting has made things much more comfortable for its users to access. Support tickets, billing, logins are less time consuming and more convenient now.

TMDHosting User Interface

3. Clear Usage Limitations

They also maintain transparency in the guidelines. When server usage policies are vague, it can be of much annoyance. Thanks to TMDHosting, what they cant do is clearly stated. Moreover, it notifies its users when they exceed 70% of their CPU seconds such that they can upgrade their plans with the growth of their sites.

4. Money-back Guarantee:

TMDHosting comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, where the industry standard is as much as 30 days. This service gives you a lot of time to test out their functions.

5. Reasonable Pricing

Apart from the pricing policies regarding their hosting plans, a new customer of TMDHosting can get as much as 65% discounts. That is a lot and very reasonable to try out.

6. Hosting Location

TMDHosting is spread continent-wide, so if you want, you can have your website hosted at Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and Phoenix.

7. Customer Support

The support staff of TMDHosting is very responsive. They help with easy to complex technical issues and provide a ticket response time of fewer than 15 minutes. There is also a live chat assistant to serve you 24*7*365. For existing customers, they even allow transferring files for free.

TMDHosting Customer Support

8. Security

Needless to say, if there were no security, all of the positives would have been in vain. But it isn’t quite so. With mobile and immobile virtual officers, security check and monitoring are done here. Besides that, there is biometric access, key card access, and anti-tailgating protocols for the extras.

TMDHosting Security

10. Easy cPanel Control

Their cPanel is highly compatible with a lot of open source apps. You can manage multiple things at once or parallelly without having to be an expert web developer.

TMDHosting cPanel

Why You Shouldn’t Consider To Host

1. Improvement in the Auto-backup Feature:

The industry standard for database as well as file retention period is 7-14 days, but they offer only five days of it for data and one day for file retention, which is a little less than one would like.

2. High Renewal Price:

The sign-up prices of TMDHosting are pretty reasonable, but when it comes to renewing the plans, the price does hike up. While the sign-up rate was under 3 dollars, it jumps up to under 9 dollars per month.

3. Not very impressive on-site information

4. Lack of ready articles or video tutorials that can make things easy

5. Sometimes inconsistent with Windows, though it operates well on Linux.

Hosting Plans of TMDHosting:

The TMDHosting review is based upon these plans that the host provide:

1. Shared Hosting:

Under this plan, is the Starter, Business and Enterprise plan for sing website, multiple websites, and websites combined with complex traffic. The payment ranges from as much as under 3 dollars per month to 13 dollars per month. All of them come with unlimited data transfer and SSD, free domain and cPanel, NGINX server; but differ in discount offers, SSL and Caches.

2. VPS Hosting:

It has five tiers in it: Starter, Original, Smart, eCommerce, and Powerful. Nothing is precisely equal or consistent here since the plans grow with the site, except the support, management and cPanel, and well, discounts. The storage ranges from 40-200 GB, Data transfer 3-10 TB, Memory 2-12 GB, CPU Cores 2-6, signup price under $20-$65/mo. (Starter vs. Powerful).

VPS business hosting starting at $29.95/24/7 premium technical support

TMDHosting VPS Hosting

3. Cloud Hosting:

It has similar tiers like shared hosting: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. Other than varying caches, RAMs, SSL, and CPU Cores; it offers unlimited bandwidth, SSD space, Lite Speed Web Server, and other standard benefits.

VPS business hosting starting at $29.95/24/7 premium technical support

4. WordPress Hosting:

Again the same 3-tiers in it. Aside from the standard features, this is preconfigured to give you the best hosting experience with your WordPress websites. Their three layers of cache along with premium SSD is designed to provide you with faster load time. To make your WordPress website more secure, they have BitNinja, a web-based firewall.

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5. Reseller Hosting:

Under this hosting plan, is a different three tiers: Standard, Enterprise and Professional. Some of the noticeable features are 700-2000 GB Bandwidth, WHM/cPanel, APcu Caching, etc.

TMDHosting Reseller Hosting FAQ
TMDHosting Reseller Hosting FAQ

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6. Dedicated Hosting:

It has the most potent server resources of all in TMDHosting. This plan is basically crafted for intensive traffic and visits. It can install almost anything. It has four tiers in it: Starter, the Original, Smart and Super Powerful. From 1 TB, you can get as much as 2*2 TB storage and 8-32 GB DDR4 RAM, other than the usual features that TMDHosting provides.
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Recommendations based on TMDHosting Review:

TMDHosting is a good option if you are after reliability and excellent uptime. Also, the matter of security is given a lot of priority here. The server performance is undeniably stable. If you want all such benefits, go for it.

Final Words

From what we have learned through this TMDHosting review, is that you can opt for it. It won’t be a wastage of money since you will get to research and test a lot of things within their money back period. So, you can at least try it.

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